Intercorp, Inc. 

Intercorp, Inc. is a raw materials supplier to manufacturers of polymer compounds, friction materials, EIFS systems, ceramic, paints & coatings, adhesives, sealants, caulks, foundry & refractory materials, transportation and other industries.


Diatomite (DE)
Unique fresh water DE that’s non-hazardous and has an open barrel shape diatom structure which has very high pore volume/absorption capacity due to it’s very high surface area of 69.05 m2/gm that is twice that of other DE.
DE-Source (Natural) Non-Hazardous, <0.1 % Crystalline Silica;
FeedSource – Animal Feed Anti-Caking Agent and Inert Carrier;
Grain Storage Insecticide – For Commercial/Agricultural Use Only
Odor Neutral – Neutralizes All Oder Including Ammonia in Poultry Litter & Noxious VOC’s from Livestock Manure & Urine
Natural Fibers & Pellet Form
Organic green natural fibers for Autoparts, Construction, & Concrete Reinforcements. Technologies
for injection material, PP composite reinforcement, foam, recycling, fire resistance, & bleached.  VOC
Odor free.
Abaca/Sisal Flax
Hollow Ceramic
Also known as Cenospheres, of silica and alumina outer shell. High temperature, hard, insulative lightweight filler with numerous uses such as refractory risers & mold castings, low density cement, spackling, stuccos, mortars, self-leveling floor compounds, exterior insulation systems, EIFS, grouts, adhesives, putties, lightweighting plastics & polymers, BMC, SMC, PVC plastisols, anti-noise compounds, auto underbody coatings, scrub, anticorrosion & anti-slip paints & coatings, friction materials, oil & geothermal cements, syntactic foams & others.
Hollow Glass
Boron-silicate very light-weight functional additive for adhesives, auto-parts, buoyancy, cast urethane, caulks, cultured marble epoxy flooring, cast furniture, cores, marine putties, paints for improving scrubability, stain resistance, gloss control, hardness, corrosion & abrasion resistance, wood patches, polymer concrete, potting compounds, powder coatings, spackling compounds, syntactic foam, spray up/lay up, joint compounds and tile grouts. Benefits include increased density control, flow, weight reduction, compression, thermal shock, chemical & water resistance, sandability and reduced warpage/shrinkage, VOCs & cost.
Aluminosilicate (solid)
Mineral Fiber 
High purity high fiber index (low shot) mineral fibers for use in caulks, coatings, friction materials,
gaskets, paints, plastics & sealants that make excellent alternatives to ceramic refractory,
glass, aramid and other mineral fibers.
Multicellular White Hollow Glass Spheres
Synthetic macro hollow spheres as functional lightweight additive & insulative closed surface filler.  For foundry refractory feeding systems & insulation riser sleeve.  For Building thermal and noise insulation plasters, tile adhesives, construction concrete, sealer, putty, stucco profiles and fire resistant products.  For Plastics PP, PMMA, ABS, PE etc. For Paint high build and heavy construction coatings, and noise insulation. For Automotive noise insulation
High Temperature Alkali Resistant Light-Weight Foam Spheres
Thixotrope – Inorganic mineralized micro-fiber compound
Wollastonite under the following trade names
KEMOLIT – natural nano.fine, medium, coarse & specialty grades
FILLEX – surface treated grades


Brass Chips (oil free)
Copper Fiber, Chips & Powders (oil free)
Graphite Natural & Synthetic (silicon carbide free)
Zinc Powder

At Intercorp we:

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-Strive for new and workable material solutions to meet customer requirements
-Assist customers reach the top of their industry